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SOHL Mini-Language Lessons Program Winter 2020/21

The Mini-Language Lessons Program is one of SOHL's strongest annual programs conducted between October and December (Fall Session) and January and March (Winter Session) every year, throughout Saskatchewan. This program provides opportunities for volunteer heritage language speakers to teach in the Public, Catholic, and Fransaskois school systems, and allows students to experience a new heritage language and culture. The program allows school teachers to match multicultural education with existing curriculum in a direct and meaningful way for students. The Mini-Language Lessons Program hopes that the experience gained by students will contribute to the elimination of misunderstanding and racism through the promotion of cultural awareness and acceptance.

How To Apply - For Classroom Teachers

All teachers who are interested in having the program offered in their classrooms must submit their own application. Teachers can submit completed applications to the SOHL office by mail, fax or email. You can also find the application form online, please click here.
Please read the Classroom Teacher Guidelines to become more familiar with SOHL's expectations.

How To Apply - For Heritage Language Instructors

The heritage language instructors provide eight hours of instruction on their language and various aspects of their culture. It is not necessary to have a professional teaching background, but applicants should have some experience in a teaching environment and/or working with children. Heritage language instructors interested in participating in the program should fill out the application form and send it to SOHL office by mail, fax or email. You can find the application form online, please click here.

Heritage language instructors will be matched with a classroom teacher (or two) and receive an honorarium based on eight hours of instruction per classroom.
Please read the Heritage Language guidelines to become more familiar with SOHL's expectations; an Instruction Guide is also available to you.


 SOHL is a proud member of SaskCulture and funded by Saskatchewan Lotteries



Testimonials From Classroom Teachers

“Amazing! Such an incredible experience! I honestly cannot say enough good things about this program. I am thrilled that we had the opportunity to benefit from Eliza’s creativity and knowledge. The students, as well as myself, are better people for having participated in this cultural program.”
- Corinne Harcourt (Englefeld School)
“Russian is a very challenging language but the kids came away with some very good phrases and words! They enjoyed their time with Oksana and I was very happy with the level of excitement and engagement when she was here. Oksana asked questions and was able to provide very appropriate lessons. She was extremely kind and approachable and the kids and I enjoyed having her in our classroom!”
- Trina Crawford (WS Hawrylak)
“The students loved it! They were engaged and learned about culture and language. The students were able to see through the eyes of another what culture is about. Inna was amazing! Students loved her and the lessons were carefully planned and taught well! The students respect her as a teacher.”
- Jamie Van Olst (École  River Heights School)
“I have used the SOHL program several times, and though each time is different depending on the culture and the teacher’s methods, it has always been a great experience for my grade 7 students. It is always a great opportunity for students to learn the culture and basic languages of a new culture. Having someone who is firsthand from the country teach it is even better! Thank you!”
- Cindy Weinkauf (St. Marguerite School)
“It connected myself, my English speaking students, and my Arabic students in a meaningful way. It gave us a preview of how it must be learning English. It connected directly with the curriculum in that we got to explore a culture and community from somewhere else in the world.”
- Jocelyn Trumpour (Princess Alexandra Community School)

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For Heritage Language Teachers
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Mini-Language Program Lesson guide
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