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06.09.2016 21:03 Age: 4 yrs

Mini-Language Lessons Program 2016/17!

A new SOHL program will be starting again soon! We're excited to announce that the 2016/17 year for the Mini-Language Lessons program is a go! Though there were concerns with the loss of funding, we have persevered and the program will go ahead as scheduled. It will remain FREE for Saskatchewan elementary schools and classrooms and continue to have a $30/hr honorarium for Heritage Language Teachers.

The Mini-Language Lessons Program is a unique opportunity for heritage language speakers/teachers and elementary schools of Saskatchewan! These pairs will work together for 8 hours (between January and March of 2017) doing mini-language and cultural lessons. These include basic phrases, alphabet, music, food, art, dance, sport, etc!

Deadline is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2016

For more information - check out our website page!