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08.09.2016 15:01 Age: 4 yrs


We are excited to announce that the position of Executive Director here at the Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages Inc. is now available for hire!

Please look below for the full job description and information on how to apply.

Saskatchewan Organization For Heritage Languages

Job Description: Executive Director


1. Serves as chief administrative officer for the Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages Inc. (SOHL)
2. Is responsible for the implementation of SOHL policies and effective management of day-to-day operation of SOHL.




A. Administration


1. Provides strong leadership for all operational aspects of the organization.
2. Ensures successful administration of all SOHL programs, events and initiatives.
3. Implements Board policy decisions and maintains a book of financial motions and book of procedures/policies.
4. Supervises the operation of the office and assigns staff responsibilities.
5. Regularly reports to the Board on the office operation.
6. Responsible for HR duties, including hiring, training, conducting staff appraisals, etc.
7. Organizes and maintains all office records.
8. Ensures that the requirements for all meetings (General, Board and Committee) are completed and relevant documents are provided in a timely manner.
9. Attends Board meetings and ensures that staff is present at committee meetings.
10. Assists the Board, as requested, with the development of policies, procedures and long range planning.


B. Communications


1. Acts as liaison for the Board of Directors and SOHL’s committees.
2. Initiates and maintains liaison with relevant government departments, funding agencies, and partner organizations.
3. Responsible for conducting advocacy work on behalf of the organization, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, including required media appearances.
4. Provides effective internal and external communication for SOHL.
5. Regularly communicates with SOHL’s members and addresses a wide range of questions and concerns from the heritage language schools.
6. Supervises the coordination, publication and distribution of all SOHL publications.
7. Ensures that SOHL’s Communication Strategies are being appropriately implemented, including social media accounts, newsletters, organization website, etc.


C. Financial


1. Works with the Treasurer to lead preparation of the annual budget, the annual report, and grant applications.
2. Prepares financial statements for the mid-year GM and the annual audit for the AGM. Works with SOHL’s Internal Audit Committee, as well as the external Auditor, to ensure a successful annual audit is conducted and the appropriate financial standards are followed.
3. Responsible for maintenance of financial records, and the administration of bookkeeping, including issuing cheques and receipts, invoicing, submitting deposits, and all other related financial requirements.
4. Assists Treasurer in preparing financial statements and projections for the information of the Board.
5. Applies for a number of annual grants (SaskCulture, various levels of government, private corporations, foundations, and more), and ensures that follow-up reports for all grants are submitted in a timely manner.


D. Fundraising


1. Leads initiative and provides administrative support to the Board and Committees with fundraising projects.
2. Assists with the planning and development of fundraising activities and opportunities.





1. Bachelor’s degree or higher, preferably in a related field – Humanities, Social Sciences etc.
2. Excellent communication and inter-personal skills. Ability to function effectively in a multicultural environment.
3. Strong computer skills particularly in the Microsoft Office Suite and preferably standard accounting packages.
4. Good organizational and time management skills.
5. Ability to lead, manage office operations, and supervise junior staff.
6. Prior 1 to 2 years of experience in a related work environment would be preferred.


Benefits as per SaskCulture Guidelines after satisfactory 3 month probation period.


Wage Scale: $39,000 - $45,000 per year





To apply please forward resume and cover letter, by Friday September 23, 2016, to:


Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages
2144 Cornwall Street
Regina, SK S4P 2K7

Phone: 306-780-9275
Fax: 306-780-9407