Heritage Language Teaching Program

This program provides financial assistance to SOHL member schools and multilingual organizations to help offset the costs of operating community-based heritage language schools.  Language schools are expected to provide 70 hours of instruction to students over the course of a regular school year (typically from September to May/June).  Classes must be held in a public facility, i.e. - school operated by a board of education, a church, library, etc.  No funding will be provided for schools who teach in private homes.


Please review our guidelines & eligibility criteria for receiving the Heritage Language Teaching grant

In order to receive funding from SOHL, each school must be become a member of SOHL by submitting the following:

SOHL Membership Application 2017/18
SOHL contact release form
Submit $25.00 (cash or cheque) for the membership fee

Once the school's membership is accepted by SOHL's Promotion and Membership Committee, the school will be eligible for SOHL's funding program.

Funding Application Form 2017/18 (only approved full-members are eligible)
Follow up Form 2016/17  (approved full-members who are recipients of the grant)
Attendance Sheet (approved full-members who are recipients of the grant)
Student and Teacher List

Any groups who are interested in starting a language school, or would like more information please  contact the SOHL office.