Our Mandate

The Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages Inc. (SOHL) works with teachers, volunteers, and cultural communities to promote and develop the teaching and learning of heritage languages.  It is an umbrella organization supporting heritage language schools and multilingual organizations throughout the province.  SOHL was established in 1985.



The Mission of the Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages is to preserve and promote languages/culture in Saskatchewan through awareness and educational and cultural programs for a vibrant and diverse Saskatchewan .



The Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages is the catalyst to sustain language/culture to the benefit of all Saskatchewan residents. 


Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the organization shall be:

  • SOHL assists with the preservation, development, and advancement of education in global languages/culture of Saskatchewan’s residents;
  • SOHL will assist Saskatchewan educational organizations with their heritage language programs;
  • SOHL to foster, initiate, and assist the development and operation of global language programs;
  • SOHL is a consultative body in the area of heritage languages;
  • SOHL is a leader by direct investment in Saskatchewan's youth through all its programs and services;
  • SOHL facilitates the development and operation of heritage language initiatives and projects.

Organizational Values

Leadership - SOHL demonstrates strong leadership in: 

  •   Cross cultural awareness and understanding 
  •   Integration
  •   Enhancing retention

Accountability - SOHL demonstrates accountability by responding to its stakeholders.

Innovation – with Saskatchewan's increasing diverse population, SOHL continues to respond with innovative/creative initiatives to address changing needs.

Collaboration – through collaborative techniques, SOHL facilitates successful resolution to the benefit of Saskatchewan residents – understanding we all work better together.

SOHL Constitution

Click here to download a copy of our Constitution and Bylaws.