International Heritage Language Week

Every year we ask the cities of Saskatoon and Regina to join us in the celebration of International Mother Language Day, and every year we are pleased to have their support in our endeavor to keep languages alive!

This year, the cities of Saskatoon and Regina have each proclaimed February 15th to 21st as International Heritage Language Week! In celebration of this and International Mother Language Day, SOHL will be sponsoring public events in both Saskatoon and Regina!

The first will be the Multicultural Choral Festival in Saskatoon on February 14th at Aden Bowman Castle Theatre, at this event there will be 14 schools and over 250 students performing! The event is from 2:00-4:00pm, and will be filled with music from cultures across the province.

Then to finish off the celebrations there will be Heritage Language Day on Saturday, February 27th in Regina. This will be an event filled with song, poetry and dance - a celebration of the arts from cultures and languages that surround us every day. Held at Balfour Collegiate Auditorium from 1:00-3:00pm, the event will be followed with finger foods and mingling - a chance to meet all the performers and learn more about their language!


Check out the events page for more information!


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